Diagnosis of FASD

Why is a diagnosis important? The answer is simple, without it, misdiagnosis and mistreatment are common. Medications that are often used to treat the symptoms of some of their challenges may actually exacerbate them! Knowledge is power in tackling FASDs. The sooner the families have the information, the sooner they can put their knowledge into action, and the better the outcomes will be for the people impacted by fetal alcohol exposure.

FASD Diagnosis is usually done by a team of professionals who pinpoint the unique strengths and needs so that appropriate planning can take place! Please note that diagnosis must occur before adulthood and information about the alcohol use of the mother during pregnancy is needed.

Texas FASD Diagnostic Teams

Harris County

Contact: Melinda Benjumea
MHMRA of Harris County
7011 SW Freeway
Houston, TX 77074
Contact number for appointment:
Phone: 713.970.7000
E-mail: melinda.benjumea@mhmraharris.org

Lubbock Region

Contact: Dr. Karen Rogers
7501 Quaker
Lubbock, TX 79424
Contact number for appointment:
Dr. Karen Rogers
Phone: 806.793.7257
E-mail: rogers.kl@att.net

San Antonio

Contact: Nhung T. Tran, MD
Center of Hope for Child Development
333 North Santa Rosa St.
San Antonio, TX 78207
Contact number for appointment:
Phone: 210.704.2335
E-mail: trann@uthscsa.edu

Tarrant County

Contact: Joyce Elizabeth Mauk, MD
Child Study Center
1300 West Lancaster Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Contact number for appointment:
Phone: 817.390.2900
E-mail: jmauk@cscfw.org