TOPDD's unique structure...

  • It is governed by an Executive committee whose members are appointed by the governor, lieutenant governor and speaker of the house.
  • Yet it is housed by the state and obtains administrative support from the Health and Human Services Commission.

While the Executive Committee sets the overall direction of the agency, the task forces and committees that are established by the Executive Committee implement the work and provide input to the Executive Committee.

Why this structure is uniquely effective?

  • It allows TOPDD to straddle both the public and private sectors.
  • It enables TOPDD to raise funds for its work that otherwise, it would never be able to access.
  • It engages the most notable leaders from throughout the state to become active participate in this work.
  • It facilitates the linkages of state agencies and state funded programs with non-profit and community efforts
  • It makes it possible for the agency to quickly respond to community needs.

What are some of the components of TOPDD’s work?

  • Educating professionals and the public
  • Working with organizations to identify and implement sound policy
  • Organizing government agencies and non-profit organizations to develop coordinated long-range plans.
  • Identifying collecting and disseminating information
  • Promoting and facilitating the identification, development coordination and delivery of needed prevention services: TOPDD facilitates two active task force groups on an on-going basis- the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Collaborative and the Child Safety and Injury Prevention Task Force.  Subcommittees are formed around specific goals and initiatives.      
  • Leveraging funds to support preventions services
  • Developing, operating and monitoring task forces to address the prevention of specific.  TOPDD currently facilitates two active Task force groups-Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Collaborative (which is overseen by a Steering committee, and the Child Safety and Injury Prevention Task Force.
  • Participating in a range of prevention efforts led by other organizations by providing consultation and resources.